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--UV Flatbed printer with Ricoh Print-head

According to the needs of market and customers, Caiyi company has researched and developed industrial-type UV flatbed printers, can be configured with 4 Ricoh print-heads at most, much faster printing speed, higher printing precision, more stable ans durable printing table, OEM sizes are provided. We can meet your various printing requirements.


Application industries and fields: art glass process, decoration and ornamentation, ads and signs, electronic and hardware, etc……

Application media and materials:acrylic, ceramic tile, plank and wood, metal board, ceiling, paper, leather, wallpaper, cloth, stone, PVC, carpet, PVC expansion sheet, PMMA, corrugated paper, etc...

uv平板打印机,UV Flatbed printer



UV2513 with Ricoh printhead

Max. Printing size(W*L)

2500mm*1250mm(OEM size is provided)

Max. Thickness of printing material

100mm(OEM thickness is provided)

QTY of print-heads

2 printheads

3 printheads

4 printheads

Color: CMYK

CMYK+W ink

CMYKLCLM+double W ink

Print-head model

Japan industrial Ricoh Print-head GEN5, with 7pl ink dripping variable technique, fully steel structure


High accuracy intelligent 4 color(CMYK) (double print-heads), or single double (White inks W+CMYK)


UV inks





RIP Software

Ultraprint, PhotoPrint, MainTop RIP(Windows 2000,Windows XP Pro Sp2)

Colors control


UV curing system

Energy conservation and life long LED-UV curing system

Data interface

High-speed USB data transmission

Operation environment

Uni-phase AC220/110±10, 50Hz~60Hz, 3000W; 20~28, humidity 40%~60%

Dimension of printing equipment(L*W*H)


Equipment weight(KG)


Advantages: your printing requirements in industrial-type:

Can collocate with 2~4  high accuracy Ricoh printheads, ink dripping variable technique, steel structure;

Can be with CISS(continuous ink-supply system) and high-speed printing in continuous and stable state.

Using high quality import spare parts, such as Leadshine servo motor, HIWIN guide rail, Siemens and Schneider, etc.

With double 4 color, CMYK color, white color, spot color and etc. Over 10 kinds of combination;

With advanced Ultraprint, MainTop and etc. Color management software;

Intelligent servo driving of Y-axis control program, it can make the stepping precision get to0.03mm;

Hi-power, life long and environmental friendly LED-UV curing system

2. Humanized protection safety design:

Intelligent accidentally hit designing, protect printhead from damage;

With anti-static protection, reduce print misting;

With light leak device, cut down damages and improve efficiency

3. Humanized automatic control design

High efficiency Y-axis double null printing;

Can be with convenient adsorbed control function and make material not warping;

Independent switches control every circuit;

Automatic head protection device when shut down

4. With 10 kinds printing technologies for your choice

Two kinds embossed printing technologies: color+white, white+white...+color;

Four kinds white printing technologies: white background, spot colour white, fill color white, reverse white;

Four kinds printing modes: single color, dual-color, single while, double white

5.Import UV ink with different functions:

Import UV inks, nano ink particle do not plug, nice and fastness color, much more stability, meet you various requirement in printing.


Performance introductions

Printing table

With all the advantages of flatbed printing equipment

High precision servo motor

Adopt high accuracy double servo and screw of Y-axis driving method, it can make the media stepping precision get to0.03mm;

Printing stability

Use the original internal heating printhead, fast heating, high precision of temperature control, to make sure the inks viscosity stable when in high-speed printing, reduce the defective rate

High speed printing

With industrial Ricoh printheads, the printing speed can up to 40㎡/h/2pass

Colors combination

With double CMYK color, white, special colour and others over 0 kinds printing combination

Embossed printing

Software controls print-head flexible, with color+white, white+white...+color stereo embossed performance.

White printing

Make the printing of white background, spot colour white, fill color white, reverse white come true by image RIP technology, special inkjet printing effect can be showed on transparent and color material flexible.

Four kinds printing modes

single color, dual-color, single while, double white, all with full automatic controlling.

Double null printing

Double null printing function in Y front and back direction, save energy and high efficient.

Height adjustment

Use the computer adjusts the height according to material thickness

Close printhead automatically when printer stops

Electric ink stack, with printhead protection device when close machine

Optional separate-chamber adsorption

Optional separate-chamber adsorption tablet, to make sure thin material not warping.

Anti-static designing

Eliminate the static of printing materials, avoid ink misting

Prevent collisions design

Prevent print-head from accidental damages

Prevent light-leaking

The designing with leaky protection device, reduce light loss and improve efficiency.

Common problems:

1. How long does the print-head working life? Do you provide the maintenance service?

A print-head can be used 1 ~2 yeas in regular working conditions. The print-head is not included in maintenance service generally.

2. What’s the cost for printing one square meter?

The requirement of inks volume is different because of different printing accuracy and quality. The commonly algorithm of this industry is: one square meter consumption is 10~12ml if completely spraying, it will be in lower ink consumption if in light color or incomplete inkjet printing.

3. Where is your showroom, can you supply samples printing or proofing with free of charges?

Our showroom is in Jinhai market,Jianning Rd,Nanjing. Sincerely welcome you to visit. You can send the printing media to us directly if you are inconvenient for coming, we will send you the printing samples back after proofing.

4. How could you do the effect of tri-dimensional embossed?

The solid effect can be achieved by two methods: (1) changes the printing material: achieve the embossed effect through engraving machine or material itself texture, then use our UV flatbed printer to print in contraposition; (2)we are with 3D stereo embossed printing technology. use white inks to print several times and make them pile up, to get the relief effect. The difference of this two methods are: the former method allows bigger height difference of three-dimensional effect, but with higher cost; the latter with height difference limits, but can be piled up repeatedly when prints, and convenient operation technologies and coast can be controlled, but also with very good performance.

5. How to deal with the surface of glass and ceramic tile? How to spray?

Glass and ceramic tile are both the commonly used materials. We have special coating for this materials and with perfect effect. There are air pump spray, hand brushing, rolling spraying and various methods.

6. What are the requirements of installation environment?

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, reliable grounding, set the protection device of over-current and over-voltage, preferably with stable 5KVA power; Environment: with temperature 20~25, humidity 50%~80%, dustless, no directly sunlight, flat and stable floor surface.

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