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After-sales service of UV flatbed printers

Date:2015-02-28 14:41:46 Click:
Now in China flatbed printer market, there is little company can provide very good after-sales service. If the company without R&D ability, without strong capital, without a reliable technical team, how can they prop up a complete after-sales service system? We know it is a “winning service” time, the service value is becoming increasingly important, especially after-sales service. You will be eliminated if your service and products can not be recognized in the cruel marketing competition. Caiyi always keep “customer-centrric”value in our mind.
If you don’t have after-sales service in the marketing, it is with little credit in customers’ eyes. And no after-service product is uninsured, no after-service company is no ability to survive. So you win the market and customers if with very good after-sales service. Customer satisfaction can test enterprise service, but a complete after-sale system is to achieve customer satisfaction and occupy markets. We know the importance of after-sale service, our workers are all with professional training before they are stand there. We will continue to improve ourselves and win the markets.

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